Angelo Michael

Angelo Michael shows you a vision of an alternate reality where fantasy, myth and legend are viewed in a different light…

Welcome to the world of Angelo Michael's, Myths, Legends, and Fantasy where nuns, demons, angels and others battle between light and dark. Angelo Michael shows us what myths, legends and fantasy would be like without removing the realities of life from the stories. This is a more likely view of the realities of the past without an agenda of controlling others thoughts or behaviors. Sex has frequently been painted as wrong or dark. The reality is sex was and is a gift from the light and a tool for the dark and sometimes vice versa.

Most experts know that legends and myth are based on fact. Most of the experts believe the fantastic stories to simply be exaggerations or something further from the truth on the part of the writers. But what if....what if....these are detailed accounts of actual events?

Are, dragons real? What about werewolves, vampires, demons, faeries, the gods of old or for that matter gods of the present? See these creature's here before your very eyes. You judge if our perception of history is maybe just a bit off. You decide if the world of fantasy really is that or something much closer to us than we realize.

Angelo Michael invites you to take the leap with him into a world of fantasy where the myths, legends, stories, and fables are allowed to express the full unrestricted breadth of the possibilities they hint at. Sex pervades life and our actions and always has. Angelo Michael shows us a world were everything is possible.

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The Savage Hunt Series

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The Savage Hunt Series

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Angelo Michael

Angelo Michael

Angelo Michael

Angelo Michael

Angelo Michael

Angelo Michael

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